El Salvador

El Salvador is situated in the north Pacific. Surrounded to the west by Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras to the north and eastern uim. It is the smallest and the most densely inhabited country in Central America.

The majority of Northern American and European tourists seek El Salvador’s coastlines and nightlife. Surfing, nevertheless, is a natural tourism sector that has actually obtained popularity in the last few years as Salvadoran seasides have actually ended up being progressively preferred.

Climate: There is a completely dry (November to April) and a wet season (May to October).

El Salvador, Central America

El Salvador

The ideal time to see El Salvador would certainly be at the start or end of the dry period. Shielded locations and the main plateau receive less, although still considerable, quantities.
From November via April, the northeast field winds manage weather condition designs; this time of year is referred to as verano, or summer. Throughout these months, air flowing from the Caribbean has actually shed most of its precipitation while passing over the mountains in Honduras. By the time this air reaches El Salvador, it is completely dry, hot, and hazy, and the nation experiences warm climate, leaving out the north higher range of mountains, where temperatures will be awesome.