Honduras is a country in Central America. It borders Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador and with its northern coast to the Caribbean. The South Coast is located in the North Pacific. The name comes from the Spanish word Honduras Honduran, which means depth.

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To the north is the Caribbean Sea. Here is traversed by rivers, swamps, and lagoons, coastal lowland reaches 70 kilometers into the interior. By the predominantly mountainous country runs from east to west, a mountain that is crossed by several rivers. The highest point in the country is the Cerro Las Minas 2870 meters altitude. The Gulf of Fonseca in the southwest is preceded by numerous volcanic islands. In the valleys, on the Caribbean coast, there are numerous banana plantations. The majority of the population lives in the western part of the country, in the department of Cort├ęs north of Lake Yojoa .

Honduras offers a pure nature experience. Be it in the dugout through the dense jungles of Mosquitia or four-wheel drive jeep through the national parks of the mountain cloud forests.

Vast areas of rainforest the Mosquitia, a Caribbean beach in a picture book, the beautiful Caribbean islands of the Bay Islands on the second largest coral reef in the world and more than a thousand years old cultural monuments of the Mayas Copan in Honduras to make a fascinating travel destination.

Honduras is an interesting destination because it has not yet been discovered by tourists: pure landscapes and people who still have placed the traveler a lot of curiosity.

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