Hotels in Jaco Costa Rica

best rates for hotels in Jaco, Costa Rica

Hotels in Jaco Costa Rica

As soon as a stereotypical tired coastline community, Jaco was. But it wasn’t long prior to Jaco Seaside’s excellent waves began to draw foreign surfers in exponential numbers, specifically due to the Costa Rica coastline’s closeness to the San Jose (less compared to 2 hours).

In addition to the internet users came the requirement for night life. Now, Jaco is Costa Rica’s wildest celebration beach, and a top destination for land-lubbers and wave-worshippers alike.

Playa Jaco is the closest beach to San Jose, the Central Valley and is one of the most explored seaside locations in Costa Rica. The seaside is a 2.5 mile (4 km) strip which provides world renowned surfing and more.

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